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Frequently Asked Questions



How many people can participate? Is there a minimum number?

A small dragon boat can take 10 people while the larger boat will accommodate 20. So, the minimum number would be at least 10 participants.


Is there an age limit for participants?
There is no age limit if they are already working.



Do participants need to be reasonably fit?
Dragon boating is a relatively safe sport and not as strenuous as many other sports, given the team effort. It does not require a person to be fit to get going. Indeed, the sport allows one to get fitter, if done over a period of time, and it has proven to be an excellent physical activity for cancer patients, especially those suffering from breast cancer. However, to be on the safe side, if a participant has a health condition, it would be best to check with their physician if it is okay for them to participate in dragon boating.


A one-off paddling session may result in some muscle aches, especially in people who have not been exercising. To minimise this, a warm-up session is always conducted at the start of the programme.



Do participants need to be able swimmers?
Ideally, participants should be able to move in water for a short distance. However, personal floatation devises will be provided.

What precautions do participants have to take?
Participants should have on sunscreen and keep themselves hydrated by taking sips of drinking water during rest periods that will be provided during the dragon boating activity. They should also do the warm-up exercises that will be conducted. They also need to follow instructions and observe safety rules, including not splashing others with water and not creating any sudden movements that can rock the boat.





What does a programme comprise?
A typical program starts with an orientation and some dry land coaching, then participants get into the boats for an on-water session. This can culminate in the testing of skills via a 250m time trial or an exhilarating inter-organisational competition that gives participants a taste of why dragon boat racing is the one of the fastest growing water sports in the World.


What do participants have to bring and how should they be attired?
Participants need to bring along sunblock, towel and water (if requested, SAVa can look into providing water at a cost). They can wear comfortable shorts and lightweight t-shirts, long sleeved for sun protection if preferred. For footwear, slippers, waterproof sandals or wet shoes are recommended. (Going barefoot is not recommended.) They may also find sunglasses very helpful.


What will Sava provide?
Sava will provide all the dragon boat coaching, training and equipment your group needs for an exciting team experience. All you need to do is have your group organised into teams (for group sizes of more than 10), turn up on time and enjoy the programme.


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