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Sava Premier Races

Sava is renown for organizing world class dragon boat competitions. Its two signature events - the MR500 and SAVA Sprints International - attract the participation of local and international dragon boat teams.


Being the first company to introduce International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) licensed dragon boats in South East Asia, Sava provides participants a premier competitive racing experience in a fleet of IDBF boats.

MR500 Singapore
The first water sports competition in Singapore that combines dragon boat and canoe sports. Started in 2005 when the nation's reservoirs were opened for water sports, this event includes race distances of 500m, creating an avenue for teams to really put their stamina to the test.


SAVA Sprints International
SAVA Sprints International (SSI) has played a key role in changing the landscape of dragon boating since its inauguration in 2004. The first IDBF Associate Event in Asia and the second world event after Italy, SSI has not only provided participants with an exciting race experience but has also helped raise awareness and funds for cancer research in Singapore.


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