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Dragonboat Corporate Team Building Programme

Teamwork and synchronicity can enable a team to beat a stronger, but less coordinated team. It’s about collaboration, timing, effort, and putting team before self, similar qualities that are critical in workplaces or working groups.

Corporate Team Building Programme


Workplaces may wish to organise:

  • A one-time corporate teambuilding day. The physical experience of being in the dragon boat and feeling the synchronicity of group movement is an excellent springboard for clear, creative thinking and innovation. Creativity and new fresh approaches are seldom found sitting at a boardroom table. Bursts of insight, inspiration, and brilliance come from experiences that are 'outside the norm'.


  • Regular sessions over a short span of time that can strengthen working relationships within and across departments.  This can then lead to a friendly corporate competition, for example during a Family Day, or even corporate representation in a national/international event.


Corporate Health & Wellness Programme


An ongoing dragon boat programme for your employees is a great way to enhance staff wellbeing. Having staff out paddling, for example, on a once-a-week can:

  • Provide a fun recreational opportunity for employees, promoting job appreciation, creativity and higher employee retention.

  • Encourage employees to become healthier through a commitment to fitness, an active lifestyle and each other.

  • Result in longer term benefits such as decreased absenteeism and increased productivity.

  • Improve an organisation’s “health” as it provides a relaxed atmosphere, helping to reduce communication barriers, entrench team spirit and boost cooperation among employees. Your employees may wish to take the programme a step further and participate in the growing number of festivals or races in Singapore and the region, as has been done by many MNCs eg Exxon and DBS. 


Brand Building

A dragon boating event is a great way to entertain clients and get your message across in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. It is a unique way to host clients as well as showcase your company’s image. Combine it with a fund-raiser (link) and you have a winning event on your hands.

Boats can also provide a unique advertising opportunity for your company and clients.  Each boat offers a highly visible branding platform on the water throughout the day. Coupling this with banners, flags and other paraphernalia bearing logos displayed at the venue premises, allows companies and sponsors to get their brand and/or message noticed by thousands of people, be they participants, supporters or just onlookers.



Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

Many companies round the world have raised significant amounts for charity by racing dragon boats. This can take the form of a one-off or annual fundraising event that can also include participation of other stakeholders including the beneficiary.


Dragon boating fundraisers can be colourful, high profile events that lend themselves well to enhancing corporate branding. There is also an ever-ready community of paddlers willing to participate for a small fee, especially if it is for a charitable cause. 

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